Monday, April 16, 2012

Felted Easter Baskets - Rainbow of course ;)

Ok - go ahead and laugh - yes I just finished these *after* Easter ;)  It's the thought that counts tho right?  And next year ?  I'm soooooo prepared now ;)

I did start them before Easter - 5 whole days in fact, but you know how life is....

This was a really easy pattern to follow - The Learn to Felt Easter Basket, by Staci Perry

Ravelry notes here.

The thing that made this project extra extra satisfying, is that it used up a bunch of the peace fleece that my entire family finds too scratchy.  I bought a bunch of it in my early knitting days - it's such a great price, and the colors are amazing...... but alas, I discovered that if I want my family (including myself) to wear anything I knit, then I have to use merino, or something equally as soft.

I'll have to see what else I can knit up for felting with the rest of the yarn!  The basket is actually square - not sure if that shows in the photo - but I was thinking that without the handle, it would work well for a storage basket!  We shall see....... with the stash busting potential I think it's a likely thing.....