Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter disorganized

So I think this year may very well take the cake for a last minute disorganized scramble.  I was thinking I was on the ball remembering to buy the plastic eggs we were needing, well ahead of time, before they sold out in the stores (as they always seem to every year in our small town)  We did remember to get the candy.  I didn't remember to get the Easter books out, or to dye eggs with the kids for that matter ( tho I did think about it several times)  I was, in my defence, sick with a cold in the couple days leading up to Easter.  I was also better tho, and stayed up very late chatting with some lovely ladies when I went to pick up my boy from a sleepover last night...  So the Easter bunny was running around outside in the dark with a head lamp (Yeah that rumour that the easter bunny can see in the dark, is just a myth lol!)  You'd think that camera obsessed me would have gotten it together to get Easter baskets, but apparently I didn't, so really the only good photo (unless you like the look of eggs in plastic bags) is this one below.....

But as you can see - I'm the only one who cares ....

....because the *EASTER BUNNY* came.....

I mean really - it's all about the hunt..... and the candy right?

and the magic of the Easter Bunny - 

it's about thinking of all the possible places the Easter bunny might have *hopped*
(in the dark with his head lamp no less)

and discovering some new flowers have just started to pop up is pretty cool too...

And the conversations....."Mom did you hide all the eggs inside or outside"
"I have no idea S - the *EASTER BUNNY* hid them remember? How the heck would I know - sheesh"  Wink wink nudge nudge.  The little girls don't seem to notice the enormous number of slip ups made by the big brother.  I guess the magic of believing has clouded their little brains so that they can't hear any of those....

Maybe next year I'll remember the baskets, and the egg dying, and the books ;)  But thank goodness kids are so easy to please.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

laptop sleeve

I've been planning to sew a laptop bag since Christmas - and it hasn't happened.  Now I'm going off all by myself, as in alone, as in no kids with me, to the city, next week, and suddenly there was not time to sew a whole bag.  Sooooo I borrowed back this bag I made for my daughter, and 

I waffled for days over which fabric to use - I wanted the oilcloth, but was more drawn to different, less practical fabrics.  In the end I discovered that the leftovers from the bag were actually in almost exactly the same shape and size as I needed to make the sleeve, so it seemed like it was meant to be.

The pattern was easy to follow and quick to sew up.  I made one change, and that was to use an old felted sweater instead of the fusible fleece lining.  That made it take a little longer, as I had to sew the sweater onto the fabric before I could start sewing.  And it also made it thicker to sew, which was a bit annoying and almost too much for my machine, even with the heavy fabric needle.  I should have cut the pattern out a bit longer to accommodate  the bulk of the sweater too - the end result is just a tad shorter than I'd like.  All in all tho it's a success :)  I love the oil cloth (Anna Maria Horner) it's soft and pliable - not thick and stiff like I'd imagined it would be - I can't wait to see which patterns she's chosen for the oil cloth in her new line that is coming out soon!

I haven't sewn much at all since Christmas - if at all actually - it felt really good to be back at it.  I wonder if I have time to finish up that toiletry bag I started ages ago.....hmmm......;)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sneaking out with my girl to catch the morning sun.....

This morning as I was sneaking out the door for an early morning photoshoot, a certain sweet girl of mine decided to come along... so that she could show me the sweet spots to stop :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

A Rainbow of Tiny Tea Leaves

My girl asked me to knit her a rainbow sweater. 

Loving rainbows myself, I was happy to oblige.

The yarn - Noro Silk Garden, in several different colorways, that I moved back and forth from, choosing the color that called to me most :)

The pattern is "Tiny Tea Leaves" by Melissa LaBarre.  I love love love this pattern.  The yoke is gorgeous, and yet really not hard at all technically.  I knit it in a size 6, so she'd have room to grow - which she definitely does.  Looking at it, it might have been better to go with the size 4, and lengthen the body and sleeves.  My girl is such a slim little gal - it's a bit wide.  It's fine tho - she loves it, which is all that matters to me :)

The sun in this photo is making the colors look a little washed out, but I wanted to show the two different sleeves :)  My girl picked out the buttons :)  The whole time I was knitting it she kept asking me when we could sew the buttons on :)  It's hard to tell in the photos, but the stars are sparkly :)

I suppose I should have fiddled with it so it actually laid straight hey?  

I don't think I have ever enjoyed knitting a project as much as this one - it was so fun to watch the colors change :)  Next I think I may need to knit myself one ;)  

Sunday, April 10, 2011

accidental smile capture

I talked my boy into posing for a photography exercise.  Don't worry, I said - I am not looking for smiles You can do what you want - it's just a technical exercise.......

I can not be held accountable for accidental smiles induced by silly little brothers who happen to choose that moment to pee on the old Christmas tree on the burn pile.......

*He tried so hard not to smile too......*

Maybe a bit opportunistic of me, but who could resist a smile like his?  So rare when the camera is out at this age....

Friday, April 8, 2011

Yay for Sisterly Love....

My sweet 5 year old told me that she really likes to go places - just mama and her and her little sis.

And so we went to the cafe´.

There were lots of big smiles...

And quiet contemplation of strawberry spritzers.

Warm glowing eyes.

a little yoga....

much giggling....

lovey dovey hugs.....

and ever so much dancing.

By the end they were plum tuckered out from all that lovin.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Photo shoot with my favorite teenager.....

Today was a good day.  The kind of day where you feel completely alive at the end.

My camera, my girl, the local yarn store, bubble tea, and a trip to the salon of course.


 My favorite......what a smile :)

 Her favorite.....

Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Sunshine

The playground isn't covered in snow anymore.  The sun seems to jump out from behind the clouds whenever Big Miss A asks him nicely, and.....

the air just feels so fresh and new - spring is in the air!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Scientist's Christmas Hoody

Yes Christmas - it's taken me that long to remember to take a photo of him when he was wearing it - which is quite a lot actually, so I don't really have a good excuse.  He's grown since then - I'm wishing that I'd made the sleeves about 3 inches longer.  He loves it tho.  I think he's my favorite person to knit for in a way, because he just loves anything I knit for him sooooooooooo much :)  One of the things I love most about knitting things for my loves is that I feel like they are just all wrapped up in my love for them, quite literally.  My Scientist definitely gets that.

The other day I happened to have my camera with me at piano lessons, and he happened to be wearing his hoody, and it just so happens that the light there is quite wonderful :)  So here I am again finally.

The pattern is by Knitting Pure and Simple, the Children's Hooded Tunic #232

The yarn is an organic cotton that was such a good deal I just had to buy it  - it's not available anymore tho, so I suppose it doesn't matter.  I have some more of it actually, in a yellow, and also grey, so eventually there will be more projects showing up here.

It feels good to be back in this space.  I spent much of the winter sick, catching one bug after another - it didn't much put me into the mood to blog - I mean what was I going to say?  "I'm sick and bummed about it..."day after day lol!  I definitely was feeling pretty discouraged by the end of it.  I'm feeling so much better finally tho, spring has arrived, and the inspiration is starting to flow along with the sap in the trees.

I have another very rainbowy knitting project almost complete that I am very excited to share, so I will be back soon ......