Friday, March 19, 2010

Still Offline

I just got a call from the computer shop, and it's going to be at least another week or so until I'm back. Apparently I'm not meant to be online as the tree that held our satellite dish fell down last night, even when I get the computer back I'm not entirely sure when I'll have internet.
PS Melody - Call me! I'm dying of boredom.
PPS Thanks Mom for being my long-distance secretary and posting this for me.

Friday, March 12, 2010

My computer is in the shop. Things are somewhat messed up on the blog, and I can't fix them until the computer is back. See you then.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Maker Of Fires

There's been a lot of fire around here lately - both the real kind and the tempermental/emotional kind. We had quite a few dead trees cut down on our property and we've been slowly burning all the branches - huge amounts actually. It's actually been really really nice after a long winter spent mostly inside, to get everyone out and working together. Definitely good to get out of the house - my oh my have my kids ever hit that cabin fever / at each other's throats place. One common theme tho has been a certain 9 year old of mine - and his love of fire making. There has been a lot of conflict lately at our house mainly due to his inability to hold his tongue - ever. Seriously! His little brother says something like "I'm the best cook!" to which he gets an instant reply of - " Well actually *no* you aren't the best cook - uh duh!" RIght - this boy is stoking the fires of everyone and not in a positive way.

The other day I went out to talk to him after basically insisting that he go cool off outside- his temper has been flaring oh so much lately. He had gotten the burn pile going again and had calmed down in the process. I was watching him get the fire going - coaxing it and nurturing it into a steady blaze, when it hit me. The maker of fires. (We've been doing a Native Studies block for his homeschooling lessons lately) This boy of mine who has such a knack for pissing off those he loves - this boy who makes fires so well - he just needs that quality nurtured. I realized that in fact this quality that so often gets him in trouble really just needs to be nurtured and guided. And so I told him - that I figured his new name ought to be "Make of Fires" I started out jokingly - saying how he was so good at building fires- and also so good at making angry fires in the people around him - but that I'd seen him making happy lovely fires too - like with his little sister. He adores her and she him. He is often the one to read to her before bed lately - and even recently the one she wanted to help her back to sleep when she woke up late in the evening. He lights her fire - that's for sure. He gets her all excited about a new game. He makes her feel special and loved.

I told him that I can see that as the maker of fires - now that he is older - he is ready to start nurturing that gift and learning to use it wisely in a way that will kindle the fires of those he loves in a positive way.

It felt really good to see him in a different light finally after worrying so much for so long. He really is a lovely boy - and I know that over time he'll grow out of the things that I find so challenging right now - or maybe it would be more accurate to say.....He'll grow into himself.

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Gnome Hat

When the computer was in the shop recently I found myself in the mood to knit something. I love the feeling when I've just finished a project and get to decide on a new one ;) Problem was tho that I usually use patterns either online, or saved on my computer. Right. So that idea was out. That was when I remembered this sweet hat from the "Children's Year" Such a great book - just full of all sorts of great Waldorfy projects for both young and old. I had been eyeing this pattern for ages, but hadn't ever gotten to it.

The clincher was when I remembered that I had the wool for it - 3 lone balls of wool that weren't enough on their own for much other than hats - well I grabbed my needles and got knitting :) It was a really really simple knit. Which is what I was craving. Sometimes mindless knitting is in order. I did shorten it if you can believe it - I was almost out of the pink so I shortened the number of rows on the last 3 repeats. The needles I used were a size bigger than called for, which resulted in the hat being a little long from chin to the back of the head. I ended up remedying this by folding over the ribbing and sewing the edges of it together to hold it in place. I had to move the button to make this work, but it fits quite nicely now - and it's good and warm. It looks like it will fit for a good long time too which is always a good thing.

I'm already on to a new project - I've declared March *my* month - no crafting for other people for a while. Tho I do have one birthday in March to prepare for .....hmmm. Lots for me tho! I never make things for me - it's a rarity, and that needs to change :) I won't be distracted by cute little items that could be made for cute littles - no way! Maybe in April ;)

A Jello Flashback :)

Every once in a while I'll crave some ridiculously unhealthy thing I ate as a child.
The most recent was jello ;)

So the other day I decided to try to make some with juice :)

I was a big hit around here - so much so that we made a second batch that same day.

I used a cranberry cocktail and twice the gelatin it calls for to gel 2 cups of liquid. Then I dumped in frozen pitted cherries and blueberries :) The frozen fruit makes for quicker gelling - and healthier eating too :)

I made whipped coconut cream to go on top - just to be authentic and all :) Discovering coconut whip cream was quite possibly the funnest discovery since we had to cut out all dairy. You just pop a can of coconut milk (the full fat premium kind) in the fridge or freezer for several hours until it's really good and cold. Then scoop out the white creamy part that rises to the top and whip that as you would cream. I add some sweetener and vanilla - lots of vanilla will cover the coconut-y flavor if you're not wanting that to be as prominent.

The kids have been asking me to make this every day since ; ) So I'm going to assume it was a huge success.