Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pretty Pockets

I spotted a skirt recently on pinterest with pockets much like these and knew right away that there were going to have to be some doily pockets happening.  It just so happened that a certain someone's legs grew and grew and grew this summer (must have been all that sun?)  and she was needing pants, so here we are.

I used a pair of pants that she liked the fit of (she's uber fussy about fit) and just traced them to make a pattern.  THe best part of all was that I already had the corduroy kicking around - picked up free or nearly free somewhere along the way.

A certain girl was spotted doing dance leaps around the yard in her new pants, hollering 
"I just feel like *dancing* in these pants Mumma!!!!!"

It only took around 2.5 hours - definitely worth it for the look on my girl's face.  Also handy, because in the past year I've gotten so chemically sensitive that going in stores isn't really an option right now, making shopping for clothes an online thing which = expensive.  I love that the solution to a somewhat frustrating problem makes us both so happy !

Saturday, May 26, 2012

My New Purse a la Anna Maria Horner

I've needed a new purse for ...... well months.  First the strap broke, and then the zipper.  

It wasn't a nice purse to begin with ;)  

This week I decided it was time, and spied this fabric.....

I love this fabric.  To be fair - I'm absolutely head over heels in love with it.

Anna Maria Horner is by far my favorite Fabric designer.  Ever.

There is no other fabric that makes me so happy to look at.  Giddy actually.

I have had this fabric for ages!   I really just couldn't decide what to use it for. 

This was the perfect project tho.

Easy.  So.  Very.  Easy.

It fits perfectly.

The pattern is from her book.  Very clear instructions - comes with the actual paper pattern, so no tracing.

My little Miss wanted to help :)  I made her that skirt 2 days ago, and she's not. taken. it off.  

I guess she loves it ;)  Maybe kind of like I love this bag - tho I don't sleep with the bag - I swear ;)

(Yes she sleeps in that skirt too.)  I'm going to have to sneak it into the wash - or sew another couple ;)

I had so much fun embroidering around some of the flowers.....

The only change I made was to add a 2nd pocket.  The bias tape is from the same line of fabric.  The lining fabric ...... can't remember where I got it.

I will definitely be making more of these bags!  They'd be perfect for gifts.  

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I was looking for some instant gratification the other day - some sewing pleasure that would also make my girl happy.  I remembered my tutorial!  As in this one.  I had picked up this pink skirt ages ago thinking it would be a great candidate.  It was !  

It came together quick and easy, in no more than 30 minutes, and my girl loved it so much that she slept in it   ;)

I call that a success!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Felted Easter Baskets - Rainbow of course ;)

Ok - go ahead and laugh - yes I just finished these *after* Easter ;)  It's the thought that counts tho right?  And next year ?  I'm soooooo prepared now ;)

I did start them before Easter - 5 whole days in fact, but you know how life is....

This was a really easy pattern to follow - The Learn to Felt Easter Basket, by Staci Perry

Ravelry notes here.

The thing that made this project extra extra satisfying, is that it used up a bunch of the peace fleece that my entire family finds too scratchy.  I bought a bunch of it in my early knitting days - it's such a great price, and the colors are amazing...... but alas, I discovered that if I want my family (including myself) to wear anything I knit, then I have to use merino, or something equally as soft.

I'll have to see what else I can knit up for felting with the rest of the yarn!  The basket is actually square - not sure if that shows in the photo - but I was thinking that without the handle, it would work well for a storage basket!  We shall see....... with the stash busting potential I think it's a likely thing.....

Saturday, March 17, 2012


I'm doing an online course with Sheye Rosemeyer this month.  This is my first assignment.   We were to to choose a word to describe a part of ourselves that maybe get's a little lost in every day life, and then take a photo to represent that word.

I chose the word "Strong" because I need to reconnect with my own strength. I've always struggled with my health, but this fall I had a health crisis that I'm only now recovering from. I've spent most of the fall and winter feeling very weak indeed. I chose to photograph the river - most specifically the current, because I admire not only the strength and power, but the *flow*. Trying to stop the flow is futile, much better to settle in and enjoy the ride. Surrender to the flow. I am reconnecting with my own strength, power, flow, and learning to surrender. I included the metal of the bridge above to represent strong foundations, and transitions. Crossing over into a new and different me.

I'm putting this here, because I want to remember this moment.

Friday, February 10, 2012

6 years old

 My girl turned 6 years old today.  She woke up and said to me,
"MOM!  I grew last night!  I'm sooooo much bigger now, cause I'm six!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Rainbow Birthday

My 2 girls have birthdays 3 weeks apart, and decided to share a birthday party this year.  A very rainbowy birthday party ;)  I had a lot of fun (and spent way too much time on pinterest) planning.

I didn't sew the dresses this year - I just knew I didn't have time or energy for it, so I went looking on etsy, thinking that if I couldn't sew them, then the next best thing would be to have another mama sew them.  She did a wonderful job on them.  Here's the link

 A dear friend sewed this lovely rainbow banner for us :)  Isn't it gorgeous?  It's reversible - with different colors on the other side.....

Yes - I sewed the streamers ;)  Instructions found here  It's a really simple process, and it didn't take long to make a ton of them - maybe an hour altogether.  The only issue was that they aren't as gathered as they were supposed to be because my machine didn't like the high tension, and if I got the tension up high enough for it to gather, then the thread would break.  Very annoying.  I did figure it out, they just aren't as gathered as they could be.

The cake.  

6 layers of gluten-free almond flour cake. 

In 6 different flavours.

I did try so hard to keep food coloring out of it.  I'm really not a fan, but in the end, several of the colors would have been brown, and I'd have had some sad little girls, so I did use coloring for the blue, green, and purple layers.  Not a lot - but it's there.  

I went and photographed it with the colors the wrong way - oops!

Red was strawberry
Orange was mango orange.
 yellow was lemon  
(I coloured it with india tree natural food coloring that is tumeric based)
Green was lime 
blue was blueberry
purple was blackberry

I sweetened the cake using coconut sap sugar, which is brown like brown sugar, and did make it somewhat harder to color the batter.

We're not done with rainbows yet around here - now I'm knitting little Miss A a rainbow pinafore !

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Regina - the hat, not the singer ;)

Knit using leftover scraps of several different colorways of Noro Silk Garden from Aeowyn's Tiny Tea Leaves.    This was an easy knit, thanks to Carina's excellent pattern - which didn't surprise me one bit, since she is just meticulous like that :)  And of course I am a big fan over patterns that are easy, but produce a result that *looks* complicated ;)

Man Hat

I've been knitting up a storm, but keep not getting around to taking photos.... Today is the day ;)

This is "Man Hat" by Haven Leavitt  (click to see my notes on ravelry) I used Mirasol Sulka in "biscotti.  It's a lovely blend of merino, silk, and alpaca and is absolutely dreamy to knit with.  This was a really simple knit, and has a great fit.  I will most definitely revisit this pattern again.  There's something about mens' knits that is intimidating to me.  I did attempt a hat for my man a couple of times, but both attempts were dismal failures ;)  That's fine - we got there eventually.  Perhaps it would have been sooner if I wasn't always knitting for my little cuties ;)  

Stay tuned - I've got three more knit items to show you :)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Staying Real

Staying real.  With our kids, with our loved ones.  Being honest, even when it's really hard - It's so important, and is so key if we want to stay in our hearts - and where better to be if we want to really connect with our children, in our marriages.  And every time we take that leap and really take a hard look at ourselves and choose love - well our hearts just get closer, and there is a deeper intimacy all around.  Even if it's something as simple as not quite reining in frustration, and letting some words slip out that we regret - we have the option to stop right there, and make it right, reconnect.  Because really - it's not about being perfect.  It's about growing and learning - and our kids watching that process, and seeing it as a normal part of life.  Then they too can find the strength to take a good look at themselves, and see the bits they'd rather not see.  Every time we say to them - "Wow - I really lost it there - my words came out sounding really harsh - I wasn't meaning to direct that at you. I'm just feeling really tired and overwhelmed right now.  I apologize."  and we look them in the eyes, and we let them feel really *feel* our love -  well that's the real stuff.  So often there is pressure for parents to be "right" - that they are undermining their power and authority to admit they were wrong.  I just don't agree with that.  Our society needs more people who can admit they have messed up.  People who value connection over being right.

There is such a huge focus on the surface of kids - their outer manners, what they can and can't do.  SO much pressure, that is rarely age appropriate.  More important than any of that is what lies below the surface.  *Why* is my child acting out ?  What need isn't being met?  Do they *feel* loved?  We know we love our kids - but that's not enough.  So often kids don't feel loved - have lost the connection, in our busy lives that leave so little room for connection.  With 5 kids - it can be tricky to maintain a connection with each of my kids, but that is my number one goal, every day.  Maybe my kids will swear.  Maybe they'll.....pick their nose in public *gasp* or forget to say please once in a while.  Heck - they might be downright mouthy at times, but that is the surface, and the more years pass, the more I realize that that is not the part that matters.  That surface stuff - it matters, but it matters because it's there to signal us.  To let us know that a child needs *connnection* and lots of it, more than anything else.

And really - doesn't it make it all so much simpler?  Maintain that connection.  And the rest will follow naturally, almost, *almost* effortlessly.