Friday, February 3, 2012

Rainbow Birthday

My 2 girls have birthdays 3 weeks apart, and decided to share a birthday party this year.  A very rainbowy birthday party ;)  I had a lot of fun (and spent way too much time on pinterest) planning.

I didn't sew the dresses this year - I just knew I didn't have time or energy for it, so I went looking on etsy, thinking that if I couldn't sew them, then the next best thing would be to have another mama sew them.  She did a wonderful job on them.  Here's the link

 A dear friend sewed this lovely rainbow banner for us :)  Isn't it gorgeous?  It's reversible - with different colors on the other side.....

Yes - I sewed the streamers ;)  Instructions found here  It's a really simple process, and it didn't take long to make a ton of them - maybe an hour altogether.  The only issue was that they aren't as gathered as they were supposed to be because my machine didn't like the high tension, and if I got the tension up high enough for it to gather, then the thread would break.  Very annoying.  I did figure it out, they just aren't as gathered as they could be.

The cake.  

6 layers of gluten-free almond flour cake. 

In 6 different flavours.

I did try so hard to keep food coloring out of it.  I'm really not a fan, but in the end, several of the colors would have been brown, and I'd have had some sad little girls, so I did use coloring for the blue, green, and purple layers.  Not a lot - but it's there.  

I went and photographed it with the colors the wrong way - oops!

Red was strawberry
Orange was mango orange.
 yellow was lemon  
(I coloured it with india tree natural food coloring that is tumeric based)
Green was lime 
blue was blueberry
purple was blackberry

I sweetened the cake using coconut sap sugar, which is brown like brown sugar, and did make it somewhat harder to color the batter.

We're not done with rainbows yet around here - now I'm knitting little Miss A a rainbow pinafore !


  1. beautiful cake it looks amazing..and the girls faces the wonder and awe its lovely ..i can see skye in their faces :)

  2. What a fantastic party to give the girls who look so beautiful - the cake looks like a fairytale - your husband's aunt in the UK.

  3. Everything looks gorgeous and like so freakin' much fun! I would have loved to have been there!

    p.s. You're the best. ;)

  4. Beautiful! you are soooo good!