Saturday, March 17, 2012


I'm doing an online course with Sheye Rosemeyer this month.  This is my first assignment.   We were to to choose a word to describe a part of ourselves that maybe get's a little lost in every day life, and then take a photo to represent that word.

I chose the word "Strong" because I need to reconnect with my own strength. I've always struggled with my health, but this fall I had a health crisis that I'm only now recovering from. I've spent most of the fall and winter feeling very weak indeed. I chose to photograph the river - most specifically the current, because I admire not only the strength and power, but the *flow*. Trying to stop the flow is futile, much better to settle in and enjoy the ride. Surrender to the flow. I am reconnecting with my own strength, power, flow, and learning to surrender. I included the metal of the bridge above to represent strong foundations, and transitions. Crossing over into a new and different me.

I'm putting this here, because I want to remember this moment.


  1. Dear Heather - you have used a wonderful metaphor here - hope with the better weather and some sunshine you feel stronger, and stronger. Take care.

  2. This is the first time I'm seeing this (I stopped in because you said you were going to be posting more!). It's wonderful and very fitting.