Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Birthday Dress

When I was a little girl, to say that I loved dresses would be a serious understatement.

I'm fairly sure that I went an entire year wearing nothing but dresses - by choice.  
(one of the boys told me that only boys wore pants, and I believed him - I did really love dresses tho)

I still love dresses - tho I'll admit that the focus around here tends to be on little girl dresses ;)

I had to really cut down my list for Little Miss A's birthday, since I've been sick, so yesterday, when I had the full day to sew all by myself, I turned to my own tutorial and whipped up a birthday dress in no time.  Seriously - I don't think it took longer than 30 minutes and that was while watching "Glee" at the same time.  Wait - did I just admit to watching Glee?  Ugh.  

Without the birthday girl there, I had to guess at measurements - which pretty much just meant holding it up to a couple dresses after ;)

I'm pretty sure there's enough pink on there to make the girl happy - she's not quite as picky about the pink factor as her bigger sister is - not yet anyway.

I remember years ago, in a thrift store holding up something to show my oldest to see if she'd like it, and she looked at me with a most irritated expression, rolled her eyes, and said,

"Mom you *know* I only war pink and purple!"

She did eventually grow out of that - I believe the favorite color is blue now - tho she's not in exclusive ;)

My littlest birthday girl only wears dresses these days  - tho I managed to convince her that leggings aren't pants - they're *almost* tights ;)  I know this is really a summer dress, but my girls are so into dresses - she'll wear it indoors, or layered.

Not bad for a last minute rush job ;)

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