Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It just goes to show....

 Whenever one of my kids has a birthday, I have a list of plans as long as my arm.  It always ends up being shortened, but often I spend a good bit of time agonizing over it first ;)  This birthday was all about shortening it.  I have been sick, and there was just not time or energy, for fancy.  But the beautiful thing about kids, is that they get excited over everything!  It's my birthday - YAYYYYYYYYYYYY  That expression of pure delight is for the teddy bear that her brother pulled out of his room and wrapped up for her, the night before her birthday when he realized that he hadn't gotten her a present.  Looks like it worked out just fine.

So I made the easy dress - it may not fit perfectly, but I don't think she cares.

I finished the most important gift on time.  She named her new doll Violet.

Violet has already made friends with the other dolls in the house.

And the cake - well she was very clear that it was going to be chocolate - with sooger in it (Sugar).  SHe may not like chocolate, but she knew what kind of cake she wanted.  That made for easy cake making - I used a gluten-free mix.  And tossing some gummy bears on top made her day.  Seriously.

Would *I* have preferred a fancier cake?  You bet.  Does she care?  Nope.

As long as there are candles to blow out - including that one in the middle that she insisted on putting on, and carried around the house all day long.  It's the candle from her brother's birthday cake this summer - it has the number 8 on it - but that's ok - she doesn't know her numbers yet, and besides, her big brother scratched the side of the 8 of to make it a 3.  It's a backwards 3, but I'm thinking it's the thought that counts.

Yes, I do think that simple is better.  Not that there isn't a time and a place for fancy - but I'm coming to realize that what matters most is the time spent together.  Not how many presents I've made with my hands, or how many layers and fillings the cake has (ok there are definite bonuses to yummy fillings lol!) - tho that is still a love of mine, but the enjoyment factor all around, well that sits at the top of the list.  Letting go.  Yup - that's a definite theme around here.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I agree. It is hard to let go, but very important.