Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pretty Pockets

I spotted a skirt recently on pinterest with pockets much like these and knew right away that there were going to have to be some doily pockets happening.  It just so happened that a certain someone's legs grew and grew and grew this summer (must have been all that sun?)  and she was needing pants, so here we are.

I used a pair of pants that she liked the fit of (she's uber fussy about fit) and just traced them to make a pattern.  THe best part of all was that I already had the corduroy kicking around - picked up free or nearly free somewhere along the way.

A certain girl was spotted doing dance leaps around the yard in her new pants, hollering 
"I just feel like *dancing* in these pants Mumma!!!!!"

It only took around 2.5 hours - definitely worth it for the look on my girl's face.  Also handy, because in the past year I've gotten so chemically sensitive that going in stores isn't really an option right now, making shopping for clothes an online thing which = expensive.  I love that the solution to a somewhat frustrating problem makes us both so happy !

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