Thursday, July 30, 2009

ice cream again.

So what to do when the baby accidentally napped from 4pm until 6:30 pm and has absolutely no interest in sleeping at ..... 11:30pm?

Make strawberry icecream of course ;) It's my solution to everything these days apparently ;)

And it's easy too.

whiz a bunch of strawberries - ok maybe it's 1 - 1 1/2 cups?

then add a good squirt of agave if you have it - then you don't have to feel the least bit guilty about eating all this icecream :)

Then add in a can of coconut milk and whiz some more.

Taste for sweetness - make just a bit sweeter than you want it to end up as it will taste less sweet once frozen.

chill in the freezer for a bit and throw it in the icecream maker.

Nursing a wee one at the computer for who knows how long is so much more fun if you have a nice big tub of homemade strawberry icecream right there with you :) ANd a thunder storm in the background is certainly a welcome bonus tonite :)


  1. We've been making a lot of ice cream here, too. The local strawberries are long gone, and too watery this year, but we've done several raspberry flavors instead. Yum!

    I think we have the same ice cream maker. I just leave it in the freezer at all times now -- you never know when you might need it! :)

  2. Me too :) It's always in there waiting for me to get a craving - which is often ;) It's a cuisinart btw :)