Friday, July 31, 2009

a big jump!

Today we went to the beach. I meant to bring my camera - really I did. I didn't tho and so when a really big milestone of a moment came for my biggest boy I didn't get a picture.

What was that big milsestone? Mr. K jumped off Perry's bridge into the river and swam all the way back to shore all by himself.

He was so surprised when he asked if he could jump and I said yes - I don't think he thought I'd let him yet, and to be honest I kind of thought he would not go through with it yet.

He sat on the edge with his papa and his little brother for quite a long time - at least 30 minutes - wanting to jump, but not feeling ready. They'd all stand up .... and then sit.

Finally Papa jumped (as I'd asked him to be waiting nearby just in case there was difficulty)

Then with a holler of "Mama! Look!" He jumped!

OH was I ever a proud mama in that moment - shrieking and cheering from the beach like an excited fan at a baseball game after a home run has just been hit :)

He was so proud of himself that he laughed and giggled (making this mama nervous that he'd suck in water) his way back to shore swimming with the current, but needing to cross it which was difficult.

Mr.S who just isn't ready to make the jump yet, but really really wants to finally was allowed a compromise. He climbed down the side of the bridge.... (that boy is a wicked good climber! I'm sure he takes after his great-grandfather who was a mountain climber ) ... and with dad swimmming close to offer just a wee bit of help now and then he also swam back to shore. (while trying very hard to keep his ears out of the water as he has an ear-ache)

Around here jumping off that bridge is a rite of passage that eventually all the kids get to - Mr. S will be next. It's so lovely to get to be there to witness all these special moments in my kids' lives - it sure doesn't end with the first steps and first words - oh no it just keeps getting better I think! Today my boys grew up just a little bit more - and i got to watch. I can't imagine anywhere I'd rather be.

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