Monday, March 1, 2010

The Gnome Hat

When the computer was in the shop recently I found myself in the mood to knit something. I love the feeling when I've just finished a project and get to decide on a new one ;) Problem was tho that I usually use patterns either online, or saved on my computer. Right. So that idea was out. That was when I remembered this sweet hat from the "Children's Year" Such a great book - just full of all sorts of great Waldorfy projects for both young and old. I had been eyeing this pattern for ages, but hadn't ever gotten to it.

The clincher was when I remembered that I had the wool for it - 3 lone balls of wool that weren't enough on their own for much other than hats - well I grabbed my needles and got knitting :) It was a really really simple knit. Which is what I was craving. Sometimes mindless knitting is in order. I did shorten it if you can believe it - I was almost out of the pink so I shortened the number of rows on the last 3 repeats. The needles I used were a size bigger than called for, which resulted in the hat being a little long from chin to the back of the head. I ended up remedying this by folding over the ribbing and sewing the edges of it together to hold it in place. I had to move the button to make this work, but it fits quite nicely now - and it's good and warm. It looks like it will fit for a good long time too which is always a good thing.

I'm already on to a new project - I've declared March *my* month - no crafting for other people for a while. Tho I do have one birthday in March to prepare for .....hmmm. Lots for me tho! I never make things for me - it's a rarity, and that needs to change :) I won't be distracted by cute little items that could be made for cute littles - no way! Maybe in April ;)

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