Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ahhh creativity hasn't left after all.

After a loooooooonnnnng break from sewing (well for me lately anyway) I started a dress for Big Miss A last night - a shirred sun dress using Heather Ross's Mermaid fabric - pink of course. It didn't go well. I'm sure I can come back to it another time, but for now it's sitting on my desk upstairs abandoned. Big Miss A wasn't at all into it - which I'm sure had something to do with the fact that it wasn't working. Right.

I went back upstairs this morning determined find the dress in the fabric, but it still wasn't working when I happened to look over and see a certain skirt that I'd been holding on to. The kind of skirt that has potential, just not as a skirt - and not for me. This skirt was meant to be a little girl dress.

Unfortunately most times when the creative repurposing urge hits I don't have my camera handy. My eyes glaze over and there's no way I'm breakin the flow to go get it. (I really ought to bring it up there with me, but it's a little late now) So there's no shot of the original skirt. There aren't any cute shots of my process of transformation either. It wasn't cute actually - it was me being lazy and just serging off edges until I got the right basic shape ;) Today was not a technical sort of sewing mood. It was more of an "I've not sewn a thing in months and I'm going to turn this into a dress right now dammit!" kind of mood.

Lucky for me it worked. Miss Big A who can be quite critical of my sewing and knitting (remember that gorgeous fairy dress? Yeah - she hates it. It's not pink. It does technically have some pink on it, but in her world it's not pink *enough*. Maybe in a year or 2 she'll decide she likes it - that's often what happens. In the mean time it hangs in her closet looking kind of sad that no one ever wears it (really - the dress does feel sad - not me - I'm not the least bit attached to her wearing it - I'm so over it ;) ) Really I am for the most part ok with it. I know it will get worn eventually by someone ;) In the mean time little miss has a grand time every day choosing what to wear (or not wear ) and most days she comes up with what is according to her "a perfect outfit" (yes she has a teenage sister :) ) All the power to her :)

Ironically enough today's dress doesn't have a speck of pink on it. It does however happen to come already adorned with sequins :) (And i didn't object to the invisible zipper that just happened to be in exactly the right place either ;) )

The top of the skirt is now the top of the dress.

I used the underskirt to make the straps. I also gathered the front part of the strap - because it just looked like it wanted to be gathered ;)
I even had 2 perfectly matchy oyster shell buttons that jumped up and asked to please be a part of this dress - really :)

And the best part?

She *loves* it.
I know this, because any item of clothing that she is currently loving gets stashed in the corner
by her bed at night when she gets into her pjs to make sure I don't try to wash it while she's sleeping.

The dirtier the object of clothing the greater the love - and the sneakier mom has to be to get it in the wash.

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