Saturday, May 29, 2010

a goal of sorts

Our family has been gluten-free now for 3+ years. I've slowly but surely figured out how to bake most things, but pie crust has been something I've avoided.

I learned how to make pie crust watching my Grandma bake many many pies while I was growing up. She was a master of the pie crust. Made it by feel - perfect every time. I was ever so proud when the day came that I felt I had it down. Even prouder when I was able to make a really good whole grain crust.

When we got our entero lab test results back and decided to cut out gluten completely, I mourned the loss of the the pie crust. I'm fairly certain that one was the thing I had the hardest time with. SO many memories associated with it.

It's time now. Time to master the gluten-free pie crust. I'm going to be making lots of pies for a while ;)

Today is my first attempt in quite a long time. I'm *very* loosely using Melody's crust. Technically it's no longer anything resembling her recipe. I was really glad for a starting place tho - one of these days I'll actually make it using all the right ingredients ;) one thing that I did differently (which I may regret) is that I used lard. Not just any lard, but lard from pigs that were grown right here on our land by us. Lard that we rendered in the oven. When pigs are pastured the fat has a high vitamin D content - a definite bonus from where I'm sitting.

Strawberry, rhubarb, apple :)

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  1. Looks very yummy! I have a 'thing' about pie crusts too :) Just a memory thing, but important to me none the less. Once you have perfected on (and I will try myself as well) please let me know.