Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Good help is hard to find....

This little munchkin fits the bill quite nicely tho if I do say so myself ;)

And yes - she's grating carrot all over her lap and onto the floor, but that's perfectly ok.

As far as she's concerned she just had a very important part in making a carrot cake with me - despite the fact that she didn't decided to grate the carrot until after the cake was in the oven.

Really tho - this little 2 year old has hit the major mess making phase. It's a good thing I'm well prepared for it having been through it 4 times already ;)

Just yesterday she squeezed toothpaste all over the floor, and dumped half a bottle of shampoo in her lap all in the span of 30 minutes!

She's fast.

This'll pass tho. The other kids don't dump things anymore - well with the exception of the scientist of the house that is ;) He goes through fairly large quantities of baking soda and vinegar.....

OK - scratch that - the scientist has just snuck his way into the kitchen sink for an impromtu sink bath. One of these days the boy will get stuck in there!

They grow tho.

These things do pass.

Easier to get perspective I think when one has both a teenager and a 2 year old in the house at once.

The years really do fly by.

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