Saturday, August 14, 2010

Chasing rainbows and Waterfalls...

My husband and My scientist boy went off on a solo canoe trip for 2 nights.  While they were gone the rest of us went for an adventure to the local hotsprings :)  Pure. Heaven.  On the way we had to stop to visit our special water fall.  Miss Big A hopped out of the van exclaiming excitedly, "MUMMA!  THIS IS THE WATERFALL WHERE YOU AND DADDY GOT MARRIED!"  It sure was :)  "THIS PLACE IS FABULOUS!" she shouted with glee :)   This boy agreed :)  

Both sides had to be climbed and explored, with a little time for sitting and contemplating in between.  

We came here on one of our first dates, my husband and I - a memory that is still as fresh as ever, 
ever so many years later.

A certain someone needed to let off some steam - what better way than dancing up a storm?  
My oh my that girl has a lot of energy!

On the way home we chased a rainbow for ever so long.

It kept getting bigger and brighter.

And I just had to keep finding a place to stop and take more pictures.

I *LOVE* rainbows.  When I was a little girl I had a rainbow on my wall.  

Between the waterfall, and the hotsprings, and this rainbow - we went home feeling very recharged.

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