Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More Harvesting

There's been a coolness in the air - a definite change, the end of summer is near, and fall is near.  The tomatoes are ripening so fast I can hardly keep up.   19 quarts so far and another big pot on the stove waiting for me.

And then there's the greenhouse full of basil......

Also waiting for me...

Today was a pesto sort of a day.  Cool and rainy - it was easy to just buzz around the kitchen making batch after batch of pesto.

I've always just gone by feel making pesto - a little of this, and a little of that - until today. 

Then I had a sudden inspiration - Barefoot Contessa - doesn't she have a recipe??

Oh yes she certainly does...

Right about here.

Pesto will never be experimented with again - oh no - this recipe is divine.  I love it.  

The kids love it.  Little Miss A just kept dipping a finger in and licking it off her finger with a lovely blissful look on her face.

3 big batches in the vitamix all divided up into muffin tins for freezing.  Pesto from our garden in the middle of winter?  Yes Please !  :)

The garden is still beautiful, but showing the signs that the end is coming.  I can hardly believe how fast the seasons pass these days.  Each year a little quicker still.  I'm sure it will seem like just a blink and it will be summer again - my children a whole year older.

Now is the time for savoring those last lovely warm days, noticing every little bit of loveliness, and soaking up that sun :)

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