Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Work in Progress Wednesday......with a twist....

It took a while for me to find the words tonite.  I looked at the pictures I had imagined placing here, but just couldn't quite find the words...... so I went away for a while.  It's amazing how sometimes in life - that's really what's needed - to just step away.

Yesterday was rather an adventure..... ahem ..... of a day.  We left the house early to go help a friend out,  planning to eat breakfast out and save some time (yeah right - umm no.) Then run 2 quick errands and drive on to her house.   Everything took a long time - as is often the case with kids.  The kids fought and were generally pushing every button I've got.  And then the truck started acting up..... A few minutes later and we were at a gas station, and the transmission on the truck was dead - and the kids?  Still pushing those buttons.  Oh my.  I wish I could say that I was all patience and sweetness - but nope - I was pretty darned cranky myself.  I wanted to write about all of this, but I got stuck on writing about my own imperfections.  Don't we all want to be perfectly patient all the time?  Not very real tho is that.  And that is why this post is work in progress with a twist.

Because really that's what we all are right?  A work in progress.  Working on ourselves - and hopefully at least noticing the mistakes that we make.  Looking back over the photos I took over the day I was struck with how, in the midst of a stressful day - there were still positives.  And with camera in hand - I captured those moments.   We may have been 45 minutes from home with around 4 more people than would fit in the tow truck (no cabs out in the boonies lol) but my boy rescued a butterfly with an injured wing, and he marveled at it's beauty and he took it somewhere safer, and he was calm and at peace in that moment.


    And the girls?

       They slept.

  A rare nap for both.

Thankfully our friend was just 10 minutes away, and with 2 trips in her car was able to get us back to her house.  I may have been cranky.  The kids may have been cranky - but thank goodness for that.

And really it got better from there.  And my biggest boy who had been such a challenge earlier on?  That boy spent most of the day helping the mama - to get things done.  He understood that she is a single mama and really just needed a hand - which is why we'd come.  My husband had to go with the truck to get our other vehicle, I had to watch all of the kids and keep her little one from missing her mama too much ..... and that boy of mine he just did what needed to be done.  Caring boy - a work in progress - just like the rest of us.

There was much friendship..... and some 2 year old squabbles  - after all the 2 year olds are just learning - and of course they are a work in progress too.  Overall tho - there was much fun to be had, and not too much missing of the mama....

It was a lovely sunny day.  

The tomatoes were glowing - and I wasn't too cranky to notice.

There was some quiet mellow time to balance out the earlier chaos.... 

And of course plenty more moments of frustrating chaos.  


In the end.......

I'm sitting here thinking that it wasn't so bad.  Even the day was a work in progress....


I got a fair bit of knitting in ..... here and there...... in between moments.   A stitch here, a stitch there.


  1. Thanks for such a real (and relevant) post, Heather. On our blogs, most of us seem to share the really wonderful and beautiful moments, glossing over those not so shiny times. This is good but I also appreciate the real, the struggles, the works-in-progress. Thanks for keeping the real in a positive way.

  2. Thanks :) I agree - I like it when people are real on their blogs - and that is a hard thing to do at times - which is why I had to walk away for a bit. A the same time tho wanting to blog about that day forced me to look closer at the experience and so doing I learned a lot more than I might have otherwise. I think that is what I love most about blogging - looking at my life from a different angle.