Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Busy busy bee

I haven't been around much the last week or so - I've been immersed in changing the house around some more.  With 7 people crammed into a small (less than 1200 sq feet)  house, it's an ongoing challenge to make it work.  We have only owned this house for a year (tho we rented for 5 years before that) so we are still really fine tuning, painting, renovating, switching rooms around etc.   With kids needing their own rooms, I'm about to give up my studio space, so I'm really really focussed on getting everything organized just right, as I'm going to have to incorporate all of my sewing and knitting materials into our already overflowing house.  I've got a plan tho ;)  And I'm going to paint - it's a tricky way of distracting myself from the loss of my space ;)  I'll post photos when I'm done :)  We're almost finished with the bathroom reno, so I'll have before and after pics of that soon too :)

We also have all the usual fall chores to get through, like the enormous wood pile.....

It's crazy huge.

I'll probably just post photos for a bit until I get things sorted out, but I'll be back soon - I've got to get working on Christmas and birthday gifts asap - we have 4 birthdays between December and February, so I've got birthday gifts to make too!

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