Monday, November 1, 2010

A little peek at Halloween....

It's funny - with all the sewing I do the rest of the year, you'd think I'd be all over Halloween ...

Nope.  I can't tell you why - I really have no idea other than it seems to sneak up on me each year.

Christmas, birthdays - I'm there.  Halloween I seem to sleep through each year.

Oh well.  I think it's pretty hard to not have fun on Halloween, so I'm not gonna sweat it ;)

Actually I'm looking at the little Raggamuffins and realizing that despite my lack of thought into costumes - they're still wearing a bunch of mama made items regardless ;)  So there ;)  

It's so easy as mamas to feel like we're not doing enough - or to overextend ourselves trying to do it all.  I say we're enough.  Period.  No more guilt.  We do our best, and that is
enough. Yep - I definitely have to talk myself into that one, but I'm hoping to make it stick.  Seems like wise words to me.  

 ( the link, not the sleeping cow ;)  )

A certain wee cow slept all afternoon - much of the time on this piano stool - and actually waking, moving to the bed, waking, and moving back to the piano bench!
It was a long nap.

My sweet little cow greeted everyone at each door with "Trick or Treat! MOO!"

A certain little rainbow fairy went on strike and refused her wings ;)

I suppose she's a rainbow girl?

She absolutely amazed me by running full tilt almost the entire night!  I was literally begging her to
 slow down at the end *I* couldn't keep up!

And well the scientist was ..... a mad scientist - and acted the part beautifully.

I think this may be the first year that I really was able to relax about Halloween.  I've struggled so much with the whole candy fest thing - and my kids really reacted badly to so much of the candy for so long.  This year after some treatments to help with their allergies they did really well and it's been smooth sailing mostly ;)   

It was nice tho - to just go with it - I remember Halloween so well - the magic and excitement of it.  It wasn't until I really sat back and truly *felt* those memories that I realized it wasn't a fight I was up for.  I don't want to fight with my kids anymore over ideals.  I want to just let them be kids - my ideals are just that - ideals.  Kids are so simple - you really do need to go with the flow - it's so much more enjoyable than trying to fight your way upstream.  Over the years I've read soooooo many books on parenting, and education, and  gotten caught up in this method or that method.  No more.  This mama has come to the conclusion that it's really a lot more simple than we all try to make it.  Connect with those kids.  Just love them up.

Remember that saying...

Don't sweat the small stuff.  It's all small stuff.  

It's so true.


  1. I see a copy of the Rise Up Singing Songbook on your piano. LOVE that book. My friends and I call it "the bible".

  2. Rise up singing - yes I love it :) I love discovering songs I'd forgotten about :) I'm extra excited that it's not sitting on a shelf anymore - it's sitting on our new piano :) It feels so good to be learning piano again :)