Wednesday, November 10, 2010

studio condensed

With a much needed shifting of rooms, to accomodate the changing needs of our very large family, (in a very small house no less)  I've given up my studio space recently.  This meant cramming a whole room full of yarn and fabric and all that goes with, onto a few shelves in our dining room.

Yesterday I had a quiet day alone to set things up.  We had already cleared all of the shelves, and painted the room.  I thought that painting might lift my spirits a little, as I try not to worry to much that my little ones will pull everything down, wander off, and either lose, or break everything (Ok I wasn't worrying, I was panicking ;)  )   I'm not done with it yet - there is still quite a bit of stuff to sort through, but I got the basics set up, and I even sewed a curtain to contain it all a little.

Here's a couple shots of how it used to look - I can't find any with bigger shots of the whole room.  We've never painted this room, and it was quite a mess.  The ceiling was painted the same cantaloupe color as the walls which made the room feel a lot smaller than it is.

Here it is with the new curtain

The fabric is by Anna Maria Horner..... quite definitely my favorite fabric designer :)

You can see them here - just scroll down to the Drawing Room line.

There is something about her fabrics that just make me feel so good!  I just love this curtain - it makes me smile in a big way every time I look at it :)

My hidden sewing nook... 

This has worked perfectly actually, as I can leave the sewing machines set up.

The barest bones of all my fabric....  I actually love the look of stacks of fabric :)


  1. Nice! Very inspiring. I like the idea of a little sewing nook that is still in the midst of all the family stuff. Very inspiring!

  2. I'm really looking forward to getting to know you more Heather! We have so much in common, including favorite fabric designers! When I land back on the planet we should have a mama tea/kid play.

  3. Me too Jenn :) Looking forward to your arrival back on the planet ;) Take as much time as you need tho obviously :)