Tuesday, March 8, 2011

2 whole nights.

In 11 years together - my husband and I have only gone away together once, on our honeymoon, for one night.  Crazy no?  Well this weekend that changed :)  My youngest is finally ready to be away from me overnight.  This fact actually fully rocks my world.

And so, knowing that the kids were well cared for, off we went, for 2 whole nights at the Hotsprings.

Yummy food, wine, soaking, lounging around, going for walks.....with my camera in tow of course....  It was heavenly.

I'm at such a strange strange place right now - a little unsettling in some ways - but oh so exciting in others.  After so many years of intense focus on nurturing attachments, and caring for wee ones, my littles have grown, and aren't quite so little.  My mind is buzzing with ideas, interests, passions, that have been on the back burner for so long.  Not that my kids are all grown up or anything, just not needing me quite so intensely as they did as babes.  We are still homeschoolers through and through, so my time is still quite limited, but at least there's some.  There's more.  And promise of more to come.

How's this for symbolic ;)  ?

Yes that is the camper roof they are jumping off of....

......but don't worry - there's so much snow underneathe, that it makes for a much smaller jump....

and a cushiony landing....

Yes they certainly do grow up fast.....


  1. HOSPRINGS! wow! JUST THE 2 OF YOU! amazing!

    Happy for you guys. :-)

  2. It *was* so amazing :) Definitely going to be doing that again....

  3. Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous!!!! I'm jealous ;)