Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Scientist's Christmas Hoody

Yes Christmas - it's taken me that long to remember to take a photo of him when he was wearing it - which is quite a lot actually, so I don't really have a good excuse.  He's grown since then - I'm wishing that I'd made the sleeves about 3 inches longer.  He loves it tho.  I think he's my favorite person to knit for in a way, because he just loves anything I knit for him sooooooooooo much :)  One of the things I love most about knitting things for my loves is that I feel like they are just all wrapped up in my love for them, quite literally.  My Scientist definitely gets that.

The other day I happened to have my camera with me at piano lessons, and he happened to be wearing his hoody, and it just so happens that the light there is quite wonderful :)  So here I am again finally.

The pattern is by Knitting Pure and Simple, the Children's Hooded Tunic #232

The yarn is an organic cotton that was such a good deal I just had to buy it  - it's not available anymore tho, so I suppose it doesn't matter.  I have some more of it actually, in a yellow, and also grey, so eventually there will be more projects showing up here.

It feels good to be back in this space.  I spent much of the winter sick, catching one bug after another - it didn't much put me into the mood to blog - I mean what was I going to say?  "I'm sick and bummed about it..."day after day lol!  I definitely was feeling pretty discouraged by the end of it.  I'm feeling so much better finally tho, spring has arrived, and the inspiration is starting to flow along with the sap in the trees.

I have another very rainbowy knitting project almost complete that I am very excited to share, so I will be back soon ......


  1. SO great to read you back! just today I checked by to see if I had missed any post, as it had been so long since I read you :) I am glad you are feeling much better!

    That hoody is lovely indeed! Great yarn, and design too. Maybe you can frog the garter edges of the arms and knit a bit longer...? I am not sure how that would work out, really, just wondering.


  2. Thanks M :) I don't think I have any more of that yarn left - I know it was close - I almost didn't have enough to finish it. IT's ok - I'm sure he'll just keep on wearing it ;) It looks fine right now. He'll probably wear it out before he grows out of it - he's so hard on clothes ;) It's funny - I hadn't even planned to post - I just found myself posting ;) It was a pleasant surprise, becauase at first I was pretty bummed that I wasn't posting here, then just let it go and decided to come back when I got inspired to. So here I am :)