Saturday, August 27, 2011

Liquid Gold

I didn't just chase sunsets ;)  I also chased the lovely warm golden glowy light that comes before ;)  We just don't get quite the same kind of light in the mountains I find.

These were taken in Morro Bay California.  *LOVED* this beach!  It was big and beautiful and hardly anyone was there most of the times we went!  Heavenly.

Oh just wait until you see how many shots I've got of my kids mid-air!  Oh my!  Jumping off of sand dunes was a fave of all except the more cautious Big Miss A ;)  I wouldn't call little miss A cautious tho ;)  On the contrary - she had a close call when she hurled herself off a rock into the water, expecting that I would read her mind and catch her from 10 feet away!  That was one very scary moment for all involved!  A reminder of just how quickly a fun activity like swimming can turn tragedy.  Needless to say there is a firm eye glued to this little adventurer ;)


  1. Fantastic shots! Great to have you back :)

  2. Dear Heather - it is so nice to see you safely back after what appears to have been a lovely trip for you all - fantastic photos - your husband's aunt

  3. Thank you both :) It's good to be home again. Last night I was laughing at the idea of spending so much money to go on vacation, when the place we live is just so over the top beautiful! We're all a little sad at the things we didn't have time to do at home this summer. IT was still a wonderful experience all around tho. I'd never been further south than Washington before this!