Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Buttery Carrots and Green Beans with Dill and Parsley

While we were away on holidays our garden just exploded with yumminess......

What a treat to come home to!

This dish came about as a result of a craving for butter and garlic, that coincided with dinner time ;)  We've loved it so much that we have made it over and over again nearly every day since then!  You can switch it up a little - I've since made it with leeks instead of garlic.  Sometimes left out the carrots, or alternately the beans.   It's pretty basic and simple, but not really a combination I'd made before, and I figure that if we love it so much then some of you might too :)

Gather up the freshest green beans and carrots you can find - as much as you need.

A whole head of garlic - less if you don't love garlic like I do ;)

a good handful of fresh parsley

another handful of dill.


Chicken stock if you have it - otherwise water is fine.

Chop your garlic.  Heat up a frying pan, on medium heat,  and add a nice big blob of butter - more or less depending on how much you love butter ;)  I love butter - it was a good sized blob - maybe 2 tablespoons for a whole fry pan full.  Add the garlic and cook just a little.

Toss in all the carrots, and pour in a little chicken stock, or water.  Put on a lid and cook until they are about half done.

Then add the beans, and cook until tender.

Now all you have to do is stir in the dill and parsley, add salt to taste, and Voila!  You're done.

Prepare to be delighted :)

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