Friday, August 26, 2011

We're back!

We just got back from our first family vacation in 5 years :)  We drove to San Luis Obispo to take my scientist to the Super Charged Science Camp.  It was amazing and I highly recommend taking a peek at their site - they offer some pretty amazing science offerings for kids of all ages.  I'm pretty sure there is nothing like it anywhere.

I have several thousand photos to sort through and edit, and several grandparents that I know are dying to see photos, since I've been a terrible blogger lately and haven't put anything up!  I'm going to ignore my urge to finish with all the sorting and editing and just start posting!

Today you get to see some sunset shots!  I'm pretty sure that sunsets on the beach were the part I was most looking forward to, and my favorite part of the trip!  We just don't get that kind of sunset where we live - too many mountains in the way.  I definitely made the most of it, and being on the beach at sunset was high priority!  I can't promise this is all of them either ;)


  1. Really pretty shots, Heather!

  2. Loving all of these. You've captured lots of action! Especially love the one of both feet in the air!


  3. Thank you both :) It was such a treat to get to experience a totally different lighting environment than I am used to. It was so much fun! I grew up near the ocean, and while there is lots of water around me where I live between the beautiful big lakes, and the rivers, I still miss the ocean. It's just different.