Sunday, August 2, 2009

solo time

One of the biggest challenges I face with 5 kids is trying to find time alone with each child on a regular basis. It's a huge priority for me tho, so I keep trying to find ways to create that time. Sometimes it takes a bit of sacrifice - like today - it was supposed to be a day alone for me to go garage saling. When my 8 year old heard I was going however - well he had other plans. After a quick mental tally of recent alone time came up as zilch - he got the go ahead. We had a bit of a late start, but had a lovely time at the one garage sale we made it to. It was a lovely older couple selling all of their things in preparation for moving out of their family home. I was in heaven. Mr. K was in heaven! And that sweet old couple - well I think it made their day to see us get so excited over all of their stuff! Mr.K fell in love with an old pocket knife - a steal at 75cents as far as he was concerned. I fell in love with far too many things - and brought them all home with me. My favorite? It's hard to choose, but I think it was the very "Charlotte's Web" like metal bucket that will now be a slop bucket for the pigs :) I'm easily pleased apparently ;)

We chatted lots and went out for lunch. Made plans for next years homeschooling year. We visitted a friend's second hand shop and chatted for ages.

I didn't spend a ton of money. We didn't do anything fancy like go to a movie. We were just enjoying each other's company without the distractions of toddlers and other littles.

After solo time with one of my kids I feel a stronger connection, and with that connection I comes a confidence that our relationship is on track and that their cup is full - for now.

I suppose that's one of the most important jobs for a mama - watching that those cups are full.

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