Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's time for soup!

It's that time again already - the time of the year when soup is a necessity, warm comfort in a bowl.  This time last year I was very excited about a dairy-free cream of zucchini soup.  This year I'm excited to be able to eat dairy again!  And of course that means that I came up with a new soup ;)  As usual I don't really have a recipe - more of an approximation - and a vague one at that ;)  

 I cut up a medium sized zucchini and put it in the pot with 3 large potatoes cut up, added water enough to cover the potatoes (this went in first) and one organic mushroom boullion cube.  I cooked it until everything was good and soft and the whizzed it up using a hand blender.  Then came the fun part - I poured several glugs of light cream in :)  And a big spoonful of butter :)  And salt of course :)

That's it.  It was pure heaven.  And really anyone who has a garden has a whole bunch of these kicking around, so the best part is that we can eat this soup every day for a week if we want to!!!!

Last year I started freezing zucchini too.  I just cut it up small enough to put in the food processor, and whiz it up until it's pureed.  Into the freezer bags it goes.  It's my secret ingredient in my spaghetti sauce :)

Things have been really really busy around here.  A bathroom reno (our only bathroom ahem), and at the same time shifting 4 different rooms around (3 bedrooms and my studio!)  The house is entirely upside down.  Then of course there is the fall harvest - soooooo many potatoes to dig!  Wood to be stacked.  APple sauce to make, tomato sauce ditto......

I could go on.   And of course a new homeschool year has begun with all that that entails.....

I haven't forgotten that I promised another tutorial - I just have to find my sewing machine first ;)  I realized that I definitely did not take enough photos - I was really enthusiastic with the pants, and then became so engrossed in the shirt that I forgot about the camera.   Soooooo for the sake of clarity, I will make another one, *remember to take photos* and finish that tutorial!  It's bugging me actually, so hopefully that can happen soon ;)

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