Monday, September 20, 2010

One introvert + 4 kids = a balancing act extraordinaire

*I* am an introvert with 4 children at home.  Homeschooling.  Extended nursing.  Way more ideals than I can manage.  Some days I think I'm doing pretty well - others..... flailing!  I know - we all have our flailing days when we feel completely inadequate for the task at hand.  Today was one of those days for me.

I managed to maintain my calm through the snack turned fingerpainting.... good thing I'm obsessed with my camera....

And then there was the maniac of the day......a certain someone was *full* of beans today - everyone was actually, they just didn't all pose in quite such a spectacular way ;)

And the day passed and eventually it ended.  One by one they slept....ok - only  2 are sleeping, but close enough.


Bit by bit I felt the tension of the day melting away.  The house became quiet.

A big sigh.  

A cup of chamomile tea - ok a *quart* of chamomile tea.

And I'm slowly coming back to center again.

My goodness it's a challenge reconciling the introvert that is me with the energetic, passionate, *loud*, incredible 4 children that are still in the nest.

One great big old balancing act.

I guess tomorrow is another day.

I've heard a lot of complaints that people don't share the rough parts of life when blogging.  
So here I am.  

Today was a sucky tearful day.  I made it through.  I apologized for my cranky moments, reconnecting with all before sleep came.  A story was read.  A board game or 2 played.  Some cookies were baked - doesn't everyone bake cookies when they're having a bad day?

Here's to doing our best, and sometimes the day just sucks anyway and all we can do is just try to look for a moment that is good and grab for it.

     How do you meet your need for quiet, alone time, creative expression, while parenting?
Tell me your best secret strategy ;)

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