Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mama made a play house

Last fall when we found out that we would be buying the home we had been renting for several years, I was immediately busting with ideas for the things we would be able to do.  One of those things was a playhouse for the little girls.  The boys have treehouses already- too high up for the girls tho.  I had seen a similar idea to what I'm planning here at a friend's house ages ago and stored it away for another time.  I had intended to get started this spring, but alas - that didn't happen.  Today was the day tho :)  We just finished a renovating our bathroom, and had a fair bit of scraps of this and that.  My husband had just shown me how to use the mitre saw, which meant I was good to go :)

Now my plan was involving 4 trees.  I would connect them putting a wall between each pair of trees, creating an enclosure., and leaving a space between the 2 trees that were fairly close together as an entrance.  Today the plan was simply to create one of those walls.  The thing I loved most about our friend's playhouse was the restaurant take out window, so all I really know was that that would be part of it.
My plan of action?  

Wingin it ;)

And of course the kids helped a ton!

My biggest boy, aside from giving his little sis some lessons on wielding a hammer, helped a ton - he did as much nailing as I did, and handled the cordless drill like a pro - he's been using it since he was 3 ;)

That's some serious focus!

I think she's already open for service - anyone care for some lemon-aid - maybe it's too cold for that (tho you'd never know to look at the little rascal - bare feet and the shorts she refused to wear all summer and has now declared to be her favorite article of clothing ;)  It was pretty warm today tho...

Can I take your order?

In this picture above, (taken from the inside) the entrance will be at the right side of the photo.

It's  no where near done - 2 more walls still to go and a whole lot of prettying up :)  Miss Big A has declared that we will need 2 colors of pink paint ;)  I've got my heart set on some blackboard paint for at least part of it too.  I'm envisioning a hanging flower basket next summer already.... maybe a sandbox ;)

And a whole lot of serious playing......


  1. Good on you, girl! I'll come by for lemonade, any day!

  2. You know - you really should come by some time - it would be nice to have a conversation that wasn't on the run for a change ;) We should talk soon...

  3. Oh, this reminds me so much of our homestead with lots of little in progress projects here and there - great of you to do this with them!