Monday, April 11, 2011

A Rainbow of Tiny Tea Leaves

My girl asked me to knit her a rainbow sweater. 

Loving rainbows myself, I was happy to oblige.

The yarn - Noro Silk Garden, in several different colorways, that I moved back and forth from, choosing the color that called to me most :)

The pattern is "Tiny Tea Leaves" by Melissa LaBarre.  I love love love this pattern.  The yoke is gorgeous, and yet really not hard at all technically.  I knit it in a size 6, so she'd have room to grow - which she definitely does.  Looking at it, it might have been better to go with the size 4, and lengthen the body and sleeves.  My girl is such a slim little gal - it's a bit wide.  It's fine tho - she loves it, which is all that matters to me :)

The sun in this photo is making the colors look a little washed out, but I wanted to show the two different sleeves :)  My girl picked out the buttons :)  The whole time I was knitting it she kept asking me when we could sew the buttons on :)  It's hard to tell in the photos, but the stars are sparkly :)

I suppose I should have fiddled with it so it actually laid straight hey?  

I don't think I have ever enjoyed knitting a project as much as this one - it was so fun to watch the colors change :)  Next I think I may need to knit myself one ;)  


  1. Heather, That is beautiful. And I plan on knitting myself a tea leaves soon, too. But first, more sweaters for the little ones. Happy week to the way, are we in the same valley? Your girl is in shorts!
    xo Jules

  2. My girl gets soooooo hot- so easily, and she hates to be hot - she's actually wearing a bathing suit under the sweater lol! Honestly tho - she doesn't even use blankets at night. It was quite warm and sunny right then tho.... I certainly wasn't out in a bathing suit tho lol!

    I was going to knit something for myself next, but now Andrew has gone and put S's knit hoody in the dryer - it's cotton, and it shrunk, so I suspect I will be knitting him a new one instead.

  3. oh, that's gorgeous!


  4. hello there.. I've just downloaded this tea leaves pattern as well.. your one came out soo pretty.. can you tell me please.. is the pattern row caused by switching from small to bigger needle sizes?.. what wool did you do yours in please?.. my email is jean(dot) .. much appreciate any assistance you can spare.. regards from Au and me.. Jean