Wednesday, April 20, 2011

laptop sleeve

I've been planning to sew a laptop bag since Christmas - and it hasn't happened.  Now I'm going off all by myself, as in alone, as in no kids with me, to the city, next week, and suddenly there was not time to sew a whole bag.  Sooooo I borrowed back this bag I made for my daughter, and 

I waffled for days over which fabric to use - I wanted the oilcloth, but was more drawn to different, less practical fabrics.  In the end I discovered that the leftovers from the bag were actually in almost exactly the same shape and size as I needed to make the sleeve, so it seemed like it was meant to be.

The pattern was easy to follow and quick to sew up.  I made one change, and that was to use an old felted sweater instead of the fusible fleece lining.  That made it take a little longer, as I had to sew the sweater onto the fabric before I could start sewing.  And it also made it thicker to sew, which was a bit annoying and almost too much for my machine, even with the heavy fabric needle.  I should have cut the pattern out a bit longer to accommodate  the bulk of the sweater too - the end result is just a tad shorter than I'd like.  All in all tho it's a success :)  I love the oil cloth (Anna Maria Horner) it's soft and pliable - not thick and stiff like I'd imagined it would be - I can't wait to see which patterns she's chosen for the oil cloth in her new line that is coming out soon!

I haven't sewn much at all since Christmas - if at all actually - it felt really good to be back at it.  I wonder if I have time to finish up that toiletry bag I started ages ago.....hmmm......;)


  1. Love it! You could make and sell these!

    Brynn knitted himself one for his MB Air. From chunky wool. Turned out well. Have to get him to take a pic.


  2. I'm such a slow sewer - and my seams are often not the straightest lol - I'd never survive the sewing for money scene. I don't like sewing enough to tho - I mean i like sewing, but I get sick of it and need a break after a while. Thanks tho <3