Thursday, September 1, 2011

Road Tested Leg Warmers

Last December ..... ahem..... my oldest daughter asked me ever so sweetly to knit her some thigh high leg warmers - striped purple and turquoise to be exact ;)

In my lovey dovey but ever so unrealistic when it comes to being realistic about just how much sewing and knitting I can accomplish in a month moment, I said I would love to :)  

Ever so many months later I finally finished them.  It's not that I don't like to knit - I love to knit!  It's more that I really really really dislike knitting on double pointed needles - and that's what was required.

This is really making me realize that I am a good candidate for learning to "magic loop" it - using 2 circular needles to be able to skip those awkward dbl pointed needles altogether.

So sometime in the next year I have promised myself that I will learn.   Quick - someone assure me that it's not so hard ok ?

They look cute worn below the knees over jeans, but I think they will totally steal the show worn under a skirt or dress ;)  I want some.  Which of course means the whole magic loop thing.....hmm.....

I used the Road-Tested Legwarmers  pattern by Lynn DT Hershberger, found on Ravelry

I used acrylic yarn for this project - which is a first for me, and I can't say I loved the experience.  I used it to make the care super easy for my sweet girl.  I wanted something both washer and dryer friendly, since I know that wool care isn't really at the top of her list of priorities ;)

She has grand plans to wear them with garters - ahem - tho it might be actually practically necessary, as I'm not 100% sure they will stay up - I suspect my gauge wasn't spot on - another thing I find with dbl pointed needles - I end up knitting really loosely.

The most important thing tho is that she loves them  :)  


  1. Love!

    Would you consider joining our weekly gab&jab???

  2. Nitsan - You'll have to tell me the time and day again - I'd lvoe to come check it out if it's on a day that works :)