Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Eyelet Yoke Cardigan

Here we have the famous pink sweater that has been the latest knitting project in a string of many, to taunt me from the knitting basket for months at a time. It's silly really - this wasn't a hard pattern. The problem was that I made one very big, very dumb error. With this pattern you knit the pieces separately, put them on stitch holders, and then once you've got them all done you put them *in order* back on the circular needle. Right. Key word being *in order*. I somehow managed to switch a sleeve and the back piece - which I can understand a little because the widest part of the sleeve is actually around the same width as the back piece. That said, I didn't notice until I was in the last few rows and had hit that exciting *I'm almost done* place. Not quite. WHen I realized what I'd done I almost cried. Really. It wasn't so much starting back so much as that I knew getting it back there would be tedious. WHich it was - it was terrible. So I tossed it across the room and it stayed in my knitting basket until I couldn't bare to look at it, or have it taunting me ;) any longer.

I used a lovely merino - the name of which I can't recall. THis wool is a dream to knit with - not an itch in site, and that sheen - I love it. The pattern is simple (as long as you put the pieces together right of course ;) ) The fit is lovely - and the sizing bang on. I can see why so many people are making this one. My only complaint is that it isn't entirely in the round - it would be a much quicker knit that way. I just don't have enough experience yet to convert it myself, but I did notice that many people have been doing just that.

I love the buttone too :) It's from Peace Fleece - hand painted. It's a smiling heart and my girl says that it's her :)

PS - I haven't forgotten that I promised to show you the gifts made by family. I just haven't gotten it together to get all the photos yet :) Soon !

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