Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mama-made Birthday gifts....

I got the idea for these lovely felt heart garlands here. Easy to make - just some time spent watching movies first cutting the hearts and then sewing them up with the invisible thread. Really really easy. I did however start out using my rotary cutter, and wasn't even remotely as careful as I should have been ..... and sliced my finger - narrowly escaping a trip in for stitches - in the middle of the night no less. Mental note taken. Use extreme caution with rotary cutter. If that thing can cut through fabric like a breeze then it can do the same to your finger. Ouch. The garland tho is lovely - and I know we'll use it again and again. I plan to keep making more of these so that we can stop buying streamers.

Doesn't she look big???? Tall I mean - and well... just older I suppose.

And that night gown - it's her isn't it? I love it on her - so very *her*. Blast the collar tho for not behaving for the photo ;)

And yes Sophie had to have a matching nighty - and she loved it ;)

And well *ahem* she got a matching dress too - I mean how could I not - with all that cuteness of Big Miss A in her lovely birthday dress - well surely her doll would have felt terribly left out? Actually truth be told I made the dress because I was worried that Miss Picky wouldn't like like the dress - since it isn't pink enough - it does have a bit of pink on some of the fairies tho, but this kid is seriously into pink - and I was really trying to use what I had on hand ...... and so yeah - the doll got a dress too ok? ;) For the record it was a good move to make the dress as I was right about the pink issue - I do believe that the dress is quite well liked, but the doll factor was a huge part of that ;) She's a tricky little monkey that one - very particular ;)

I know I know - I went a little over board, but this is such a fun age to craft for! And really she *needed* this bag for storing all those doll clothes. In fact I'm fairly certain that I store points in the organization department for it too ;) And since I'm pretty challenged in that department that makes it a very good thing. So right - now that we've established that the bag *had* to be made......

It was a great combination of *fast* (I made it in about an hour) and using up my stash, *and* repurposing too! The Sweet bunny fabric is from some vintage curtains I nabbed at a yard sale this summer. And the lining - which is the stripy fabric that is showing at the top is from a sheet that a friend who has a Second Hand Store saved for me (she knows me well and is so sweet to save things like that for me :) - Do you recognize it my sweet friend :) ? ) I used scraps from that famous purple sheet that made the Birthday dress for the straps. It was a huge hit and the doll clothes now live happily in that bag, on the hook. I may actually get just as much satisfaction from that fact as I did from the bag itself. Now what to do with all the rest of that lovely bunny fabric???? Ohhhhhhh Easter frocks???? Oh I may have to do some more sewing - that would be waaaaaaay too cute! Something quick and easy would be in order.... hmmmmm.

Next up will be the handmade gifts from others :)

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