Friday, February 26, 2010

My first give-away

I was cleaning out all of my tinctures and oils tonite and discovered some Balm of Gilead oil (made from Poplar buds harvested in the spring) I made a while back. It just happens to be my most favorite smell on the earth. I thought it quite timely that I found it now when I am pining for spring so much. I immediately got some on the stove, heated it, and added some beeswax to thicken it so I can use it for perfume. Now my whole house smells like spring :) It really is the best spring time smell.

So I was looking for a container to put it in and discovered 6 little containers that were just perfect and right away decided that it had to be shared.

Sooooooo if you'd like one, just leave me a comment below and I'll send one out to the first 5 people who post.

What's your favorite spring time smell?

Do poplar trees grow where you live?

They were just poured here - hadn't solidified yet when I took the photo.

The beeswax came from a farm just up the road from us :)


  1. Ohhhh, I'd love some, never heard of the stuff, but would love some all the same :)


  2. Heather, I would love to share a piece of spring with you. There are many poplar trees in the forests here but I can't say that I've noticed what they smell like...I'll try to stop and smell the trees more often :)


  3. You have totally "sold" it to me! Such a lovely description.

    It would be super special to have such a sensory reminder of you and spring in my coming autumn and winter time!


  4. Hey, I just noticed the questions!

    There are some poplars where I live, but many more where I usually travel. I was not aware of their smell either! I do love their autumn gold :-D

    Freesia flowers give the smell I associate most strongly with Spring - and my child's birth, too.

    Peace, Monica

  5. I am really curious as to what this smells like. I love the beeswax block, that is a big one.
    My favorite springtime smell is apple blossoms and fresh cut grass.

  6. wah! #6! I miss the giveaway.
    yes, you get black poplars round here i think

    and my fave spring time scent is either the smell of a field of lambs, or the smell of daffodils :-)

  7. Emma - You're in luck :) Monica posted twice :) You're number 5 :)

    Can everyone send me their mailing address?

    This is so fun :)

  8. I was popping in - so happy to see you are "back", and realized I had not left you a proper Thank You! here.

    Thank you then! I got it a while back, and it was such a lovely happy dainty thing to get - up the colorful handwritten label!

    Peace! Monica