Sunday, February 7, 2010

The sun came out of hiding today

Ever so briefly tho. I grabbed my camera tho as soon as I saw it - I haven't been very inspired to take photos lately - it's been a really long grey stretch around here which isn't the norm here for winter. I have been busy crafting away for the last birthday before summer time. I'll have a very special birthday dress to show soon - I'm almost there :) I'm sorry I've not been around much - I just haven't had much to say and since I've not finished anything lately - and the camera hasn't been grabbing me - well I haven't been feeling very inspired to blog. I'm expecting that to change soon tho! With this last birthday almost finished with there won't be any crafting deadlines keeping me distracted.

I did learn a new skill on my serger - anyone else not know how to gather using your serger? I had no idea. This is going to change everything! I love sewing, but I love sewing fast even more ;)

Here's a great photo tutorial

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