Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas this year was a lesson in letting go if ever I saw one.

We've all taken turns being sick - tho I skirted the edge of sickness mostly, until Christmas eve ;)

Many many plans were abandoned.  Much less of a handmade component than I would have liked.

But these things happen right?

But Santa still came through with Miss Big A's sweet request for this cake - no way could  I have made that - she was very specific - and ever so sweet on Santa's knee - shyness gone and a twinkle in her eye.

Little Miss A didn't really get the whole Santa concept enough this year to make a request, but I knew that this would be it - 

My big project for the girls was a proper dressup box - no I didn't make the box ;)  I planned to make quite a lot more things to go inside, but the time-factor collided with the sick factor...

This bench seat with the storage under the seat, fit the bill perfectly.  Big Miss A is in the middle of an obsession with beds - she makes them all over the house and gets furious with anyone who dares to touch or move said bed.  She immediately went to work turning the top into a bed of course.

 Little Miss A didn't take this dress off until it had to come off for the wash.  That girl loves dresses.

The dresses were a huge hit, which was great since she utterly rejected the Christmas pajamas ;)

The pictures are kind of terrible - due to the fact that a certain (youngest) child of mine had us awake at *4am* Christmas morning.  I actually don't remember most of it - thank goodness I've got these pictures - terrible or not lol!  

Now that Christmas is over,  I'm on to the run of birthdays that follow Christmas rapid-fire.  
Little Miss A is first up  - I should have something to show soon.....


  1. I am sorry to hear that you all were sick. I remember one Christmas back when I only had two or three small kids and we were all so sick that Christmas went by without even a notice. While the rest of the world was doing Christmas, we were in bed. So, a week later when we were all well, we just had Christmas as if it were the day. The little ones never knew the difference.
    Christmas blessings.

  2. I think I would have done that if not for the big kids knowing ;)