Saturday, December 11, 2010

December is the sewing month.

I'm fairly certain there is no month in the year that I sew as much, as I do in December.

Today I finished Big Miss A's Christmas pajamas :)

McCall's 4283

The fabric is by Valeri Wells in her "Urban Flannels" line - I'm using another fabric in the same line for Little Miss A's pajamas - that is if the fabric ever gets here....

The scientist's pj fabric arrived today - except that it's not flannel - Oops.   Not sure what I'm going to do with 3 yards of quilting weight fabric covered in icecream cones.... Tomorrow I'll see if I can find some flannel that he'll love that much locally - in fact I'm practicing creative visualization at this very moment (no I don't have a lot of faith in the local stores in this case lol )  And while I'm at it, I better imagine there being something there for my husband too, since I wrecked his the other day in a sewing disaster ;)

I'm still waiting for 2 more packages of fabric to arrive in the mail too.....

They will come, and I will somehow magically have all 6 pjs ready in time for Christmas eve.  So there.


  1. Why not get a plain flannel and line the ice-cream fabric with it? Maybe just on the pants? (are you doing shirts?)

  2. I forgot to say how cute the sleeper is! :)

  3. I was going to do shirts - I just think it would be bulky, and not so soft - I like the coziness of flannel on the outside too. The fabric is also really *loud* so I don't want them to be wonkey in any way. I may just reorder more flannel and let him have a delayed gift of pjs later. I'll make him a summer shirt from the cotton. I might find something he'll like in town tomorrow - we'll see.