Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

Christmas is so sensual isn't it?  Some of my most vivid childhood memories are from Christmas time - every smell and taste still in tact and ready to come back in an instant.  I saw bags of german Christmas cookies a while back that were just like the ones my aunt used to hang on the Christmas tree, and as soon as I saw them, the memories just flooded in, smells, tastes, how beautiful the tree looked.....a rare moment when I was actually bummed that we can't eat any gluten - those cookies are definitely not gluten-free!  

There's plenty more to get excited about tho...

The lights, family traditions, baking.  Excited talk about Santa.....

Is it just me or are those two nearly identical? (with about a 12 year gap of course)

You can tell she has a teenaged sister - she loves to pose for photo shoots...

He certainly found his spot....

I have absolutely no idea where he got the whole prayer thing from (we are really not a religious family) - maybe he's trying to send Santa a psychic message????

My goodness this child is photogenic!

An ornament got dropped and broken while we were decorating, and my oldest said " Don't worry - it's not one we've had very long"   This one tho - that was given to her for her very first Christmas
 - she was only 4 days old.

I grew up with candles on the tree each year, and really a tree without candles doesn't feel right to me.

My mom always celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve - and the routine every year was that after dinner, we'd light the candles (with lots of buckets of water /fire extinguishers etc on hand of course) then we'd sing Christmas carols......then, and only then it was time to open the presents.

Oh my goodness us kids were sooooooo aware of every one of those steps - urging people to just hurry up and eat already.  All the same, I loved that it was always the same - it all felt so special and important.

I hope that one day my own kids look back on the Christmas's of their childhood and remember these times with the same vivid magical dreaminess.

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