Thursday, December 9, 2010

The race is on....

I've not been around here much - I just haven't had any time - lots of challenges colliding in my life at the moment.  I'm finally kicking into gear for Christmas sewing - tho my list is going to be cut waaaaaaaay back at this point.  The idea of a completely handmade holiday - or even mostly handmade, had officially flown right out the window, but such is life - I'll do what I can.  Fingers crossed that no one else gets sick around here in the mean time ;)

I've been making some progress today - tho I completely and utterly destroyed the pajama pants I was making for my husband - no idea how I managed that other than the fact that there was no wrong side and apparently I just got things entirely ass backwards to the point of no return.  Not sure what I'll do about that since I've already got the top cut out, and I ordered the fabric by mail....... Moving on to the next project tho - at least this one has a right side and a wrong side, hopefully it'll go smoothly ;)

I've made the girls nightgowns for a couple of years now, but this year in a sentimental moment I realized that they will soon be too old / unwilling to wear the zip up one piece jammies, so this year I'm making those instead.  Wish me luck on the zipper.  I sew a fair bit, but pretty challenged with following a pattern, and I've not done a zipper from a pattern yet - ask me to wing it, and I'm usually fine, but patterns often seem to be written in a language I just don't get.  SO far so good tho, so I'm hopeful ;)

OK - back to it!

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