Monday, September 5, 2011


Our trip this summer involved *alot* of driving.  I know I found it too much at times - and if I did then you can imagine 4 kids cooped up ;)  

We found lots of ways to break it up tho and get them out and *moving*.   We did do some big crowd activities (not my favorite thing, crowds) but really the beach is where it was at ;)

And really what can be more fun than hurling yourself off a sand dune into the soft waiting sand below?  I loved the expressions on their faces - especially little Miss A ;)  Such fierce determination.  Big Miss A is not the sort (yet) to jump with wild abandon - she's a cautious one so far.  I'm sure that as she gets older and gains confidence she'll find her way - maybe she'll jump with reckless abandon sometimes - or maybe she'll be cautious.  Both are good in my books ;)  A little of both perhaps ideal, tho is there really any such thing ?   I mean we are all such a gorgeous blend of our various quirks and qualities.  Acceptance can be hard at times as a mama tho - or a papa I'm sure.   It's easy to accept the pleasant qualities - not so hard with the stuff that doesn't look so pretty, to know that they'll find their way - and we just need to be there, attentive, listening, and letting them. be. them.  I need reminding of this at times.  To allow this unfolding.  To love and have faith that with the proper care these sweet rose buds will bloom in all their very own glory.

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