Saturday, September 17, 2011

Plain Vest - by Pickles :)

This was one heck of a satisfying knit.  

It was soooooooooo fast to knit.  Done knitting in 5 days.  Took me 2 more to work in the ends, and sew on the buttons - but that was ummm laziness ;)

The best part tho - was that because it was stranded, I was able to use up 2 balls of super thin, but lovely wool, that I would never have found a use for, and another equally lonely ball of wool that might have just sat sad in my knitting basket until ..... the end of time.  

My favorite part tho (did I say that already? - hmm ok I have a best part and a favorite part ;)

My favorite part was that the lovely light purple wool, was left from one of her very first sweaters - the 2nd sweater I ever knit.  The sweater that I knit in purple, in that very specific shade of purple, because it was *her* color.  I hadn't met her yet, but I knew.  It's still her color.  

So this sweater had to be knitted, and I didn't care one bit that at the start I hadn't enough yarn, and wasn't sure if it would turn out - I just knew it had to be.  

And so it was.

Here's the pattern

A certain older girl wants one now - and she even picked out a bunch of other lonely balls of wool.......

Tho I must say I'm a wee bit nervous about her choice of colors, and whether or not there is enough, but since it all worked out with this one, I'll just have to have faith.  It will be somewhat of a coat of many colors ;)


  1. Where is the pattern?

  2. The link to the pattern is directly above the bottom photo :) Where it says "Here's the pattern", "pattern is a clickable link...

  3. When I click on the pattern I don't see this same pattern.

  4. Oh lovely! I've been looking at that pattern for awhile, and I love it with the yarn you used :-)

  5. the link does not give you the same pattern

  6. There are no sleeves on the link pattern. Did you just add extra stitches? The vest looks knitted in one piece.

  7. The link takes you to the pickles pattern for a one year old size and there aren't sleeves. Please share the pattern for this size. Thanks.

  8. Very nice! How do I get the pattern? Thanks, Stella

  9. Quote from Skiesmama's Ravelry page "Regarding the comments about the sleeves lol - I followed the pattern exactly - no alterations. I’m going to assume my gauge was just way off. It’s big on her, which is what makes it look like there are sleeves. I hadn’t ever knit double stranded before and changed yarns partway through with the color change (when I ran out of that color lol) The bonus of it being so big is that all these years later it still fits her just fine."

    Thanks for explaining about the “sleeves” Skiesmama!! I love it and I’m going to hope for the same “happy accident” to happen for me!!


  10. This pattern is exactly what I"m looking for, however, where do I find the explanation about the sleeves. I see a difference in the vest between the two models, and I prefer the first, purple one with the soft sleeves. It's for my 2 year old granddaughter. Thank you!

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  12. Tres joli.Belle idee pour finir les restes.Corine