Saturday, September 10, 2011

Miss Veda Part 2

The first session we did, this little sweetie was awake the whole time.  Which was totally fine - I love eyes :)  We had hoped to try some of those cute sleeping newborn shots tho, so we decided to give it another go asap.  And then my whole family got sick :(  There was a 2 week delay, during which time I  knit a beautiful cocoon to take photos of her in - knowing that more than likely she'd be waaaaaay too big, but doing it anyway ;)  Needless to say, I definitely see why photographers say you need to do these shots by 2 weeks of age.  Little Miss did what any of my babies would have done - she woke up! I've always been a little skeptical of those newborn shots - none of my babes have been even remotely that sound of sleepers.  Sooooooo yeah - none of those kinds of shots - and this little munchkin isn't so little anymore!  Gosh they grow so fast in the first few weeks!

That would be the cocoon - which she definitely didn't fit ;)  But that's ok. She's cute no matter what ;)

"Hey man - you woke me up!"

I snapped a few at the end of her sleeping - no way was I going to wake this little one again ;)  Mama's arms do just fine.  I think that famous rule "Don't wake a sleeping baby" is a wise one ;)


  1. They are beautiful no matter what age :) Love her squishy lil' bum shot!


  2. Oh I know ! I love love love photographing babies :) I'd forgotten how fun it is actually - and I've come a long was since Miss A was a babe too, skill-wise. Makes me want another one just the teeniest bit - not enough to deal with not sleeping for several years tho lol ;) The squishy bum shot is my favorite shot too! She's so cute :)