Saturday, November 7, 2009

And it starts with a stocking.....

The Christmas season that is :) I know it's early, but Christmas is next month! Oh my - I have so much to do - I needed a quick project (that instant gratification thing again ;) ) to get me in the Christmas mood :) Not that it's hard, but we've been so busy lately that by the end of the day I'm not all that excited to do much other than veg. I know that once I get into it I can just ride that wave, so tonite while laying in bed waiting for Big Miss A to drift off to sleep I came up with a plan. It's important to keep one's mind busy when waiting for a little one to go to sleep - that warm bed combined with a cozy kiddo and an always tired mama - sleep must be fought!

So my plan was simple. Stay awake, then get up and make a stocking for Little Miss A. How could I not get all revved up for Christmas crafting after making a pretty stocking for my little one?

Well I'm happy to report that it worked ;) I will likely stoke that fire a little with some Christmas music - yes in November ;)'ll drive my poor husband crazy, but I'm fairly certain it'll help me remember that I've got a ton of work to do!!!!! 5 kids, 1 husband, 4 birthdays - and a mama who really wants to make a handmade gift for every person, for every occasion. And besides - my teenager informed me that our Christmas' just doesn't cut it because we don't sing Christmas carols! Sheesh - I start in November, so I'm fairly certain that's not entirely accurate, but apparently we have to sing *together* on Christmas eve - just like we always have at my mom's house. So this year we'll sing extra ;) I certainly can't complain about that ;)

So back to the stocking ;) My mother inlaw made the other kids stockings (she's a crafty gal too :) ) and I wanted Little Miss A's to match in shape, so I used one of hers to trace for a pattern :) Pretty huh?

I embroidered her name on the bottom like the others, and since I'm still somewhat obsessed with bias tape, I used it to finish the top.

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