Friday, November 27, 2009

Lovely mellow family time

Lately I've been feeling quite frustrated - overwhelmed really. The logistics of maintaining a family often elude me. Just doesn't come naturally to me - the whole meals at a certain time to pave the way for bedtimes flowing smoothly..... more often than not I end up getting distracted by something or other and dinner is late and then bedtimes are late and everyone gets cranky.

Being that I tend to be quite influenced by Waldorf Education, finding a good rhythm is important to me - and yet it is such a struggle.

So I keep trying - and slowly but surely I know that it's coming together. Really - I have 5 kids from the age of not quite 2 to not quite 15 years old. 2 Kids in school, 1 homeschooling and 2 little wee ones. Life is so so busy.

So when we have a day that flows. I celebrate. And today flowed. It was such a great day. Meals, homeschool lessons, sibling harmony, all good.

This evening we made popcorn, hot chocolate and watched a movie together - just the oldest 3 after the little girls went to bed. They were even drawing together.

I'll celebrate this one day. Then I'll let it flow into tomorrow.

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