Wednesday, November 4, 2009

indulge me if you will....

.....while I dive into shallow waters and share my new boots with you ;)

Yes I get excited about really weird things - so sue me ;)

I've been ranting for years about how there needed to be some stylish yet functional boots - it gets very cold and wet and snowy for many months of the year here - a person gets tired of clunking around in heavy ugly boots.

No more clunky boots for me!

They are made with a technical fabric - very not natural ;)

IT was the decorative stitching that got me tho ;)

They are made by Solomon if anyone likes them other than me and wants to find a pair ;)

Light as a feather, rated to -7 degrees C and they fit slim enough that they'll look good with capris :) They even have uber-functional tread ;)

I'm such a geek.......I'm quite ok with that tho ;)

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