Monday, November 2, 2009

a little repurposing...

I brought home the sweater for this little jumper this summer. It just seemed like it needed to be turned into something.....

It ended up becoming this jumper, and also a pair of pants/leggings that I'm realizing I don't actually have a photo for ;) - oops! For the leggings I used the pattern here:

The jumper I just used another jumper folded in half as the pattern.
I then finished the edges around the arms with a blanket stitch.

Both projects were very quick and easy - which is my favorite kind of project right now since I don't have vast quantities of time for crafting, and I do so love instant gratification that way ;)

She's hiding ;) - If I can't see you , you can't see me - is still her favorite way to hide ;)

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