Thursday, November 26, 2009

back to scheduled programing....

My what a long break that was from blogging ! I missed it so.

There was quite a bit of time spent sick laying around watching movies together like this...

Then my husband and son went to one side of the country and I went with the other kids to the other side - adventures both fun and exhausting abounded. There were a ton of great shots, but unfortunately they never got taken on that trip, as much to my dismay I forgot my camera. :(

Upon our return we were very much engaged in settling in, and the girls got busy baking when we weren't looking. ;)

See that greasy *blue* hand? Right. That would be the *permanent* blue marker that she found when again mama and papa were busy unpacking. Standing in the same room, but obviously not paying enough attention ;)

Apparently they had big plans!

Oh and I got home on Monday, and I'm only posting this now? Right - that would be because while I was gone a serial camera cord switcher snuck into my house and switched my camera cord for a larger one. Or I suppose the cord may have grown - it's a mystery we may never solve ;) Thankfully my sweet husband bought a new one today.

I have all sorts of projects on the go for Christmas, so expect lots of pictures soon :)

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