Sunday, December 27, 2009

Beatles Love

As my boys are getting older I'm finding it harder and harder to think of gifts I can make for them. The girls are easy peasy, but the boys not so much. I'm pretty pleased with what I made them for Christmas this year tho - to go with their love of the Beatles, I ordered 7 different Beatles themed fabrics and made them duvet covers for their beds.

For the backs I used flat sheets that I had already - Red for one, and Green for the other. Then some solid colored flannel with some of that back color on the front. I was a bit worried that the Beatles fabric might be too loud - which is why I staggered it with solid colors. I really love how they turned out.

I also love how I manage to justify the extra expense of buying organic sheets (I'm pretty tricky at finding good priced ones on ebay) by making such good use of all that fabric from the top sheet - which we all hate around here ;) A lovely big hunk of organic fabric :) Makes me a little giddy ;)

The boys loved them - in fact on Christmas Eve I was really pleased when S said " I wonder if we're going to get any Beatles stuff?" Yes - definitely pleased :)

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